Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kids in the Word: The Tower of Babel

After learning about Noah and the ark, we moved on to Genesis 11 and spent a week learning about the Tower of Babel.


We read portions of the story each morning from Jonathan's Bible. This Bible had one short reading, so we reviewed it each day. 

We also read this easy reader Bible story. The story uses simple words to talk about the prideful men who built the tower of Babel. It uses the same refrain over again and Jonathan was able to "read along" by the end of the week. Jonathan liked it a lot and walked around saying "Jibber jabber" over and over again. :)

Foreign Language 

This was a great opportunity to talk about other languages. We read the following books:

Say Hello! by Rachel Isadora

In this book, a little girl and her mother take a walk to her abuela's house. As they walk through their urban neighborhood, they see people of many different nationalities and say hello in the respective languages. This was a great introduction to the fact that people speak many different languages. Jonathan and I had fun trying to pronounce the greetings. 

After reading this, we pulled out some of our Usborne First Hundred Words dictionaries. Jonathan really had fun looking through these with daddy. They would compare words such as "ball" in different languages and Jonathan really enjoyed this. They often did this over breakfast or dinner. 



We used our big construction blocks to build a tower and knock it down! We also did a coloring page for the story. 

After doing this unit, I found out that Carisa over at 1+1+1=1 has some printables for this story, as well as many other Old Testament stories. It's a great resource- I wish I had known about earlier! 

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