Monday, August 8, 2011

b is for bug- sensory bin

This week we're reviewing the letter Bb while exploring bugs. I found some great resources to help me with a bug unit, so I'm excited for this week. Our farm sensory bin was such a hit last week, that I decided to make Jonathan another bin this week:

I made this sensory bin using green rice as "grass" and throwing in bugs from our Safari Insects Toob. To dye the rice, I followed a recipe I found at a great site called Teach Preschool

1 tbsp rubbing alcohol
green gel food coloring
3 cups white rice 

I combined the alcohol with the food coloring and mixed it in a baggie. Next, I threw in the rice and mixed it up until it was a nice grassy green color. I spread the rice out in the sensory tub overnight and set it by a dehumidifier to get rid of the alcohol smell. By the morning, it was ready to play with! Easy peasy! Deborah @ Teach Preschool also has a recipe for making colored rice using Kool-Aid. I think I may try that next time.


jess_hak said...

My littles love to play in colored rice! :)

I wanted to answer your question about us using Sonlight. Right now we are actually using Winter Promise (similar style to Sonlight only more hands on activities). My plan right now is to use WP. However, I was given enough Sonlight Cores to get me through middle school! I plan on using Core A next year for a filler year so that the boys will catch up (I do not want to be teaching both world history and US history at the same time). I will also plan on using Core B and C a few years after that for another filler. The rest of the curriculum will be used at the same time as WP curriculum to supplement what we are already learning. :)

Everything I just said is subject to change depending on whatever whim I get at the moment. lol Totally understand your love of books. We are slightly obsessed with them here too.

Our Country Road said...

Oh I love it Amanda!! The little bugs are so cute! Thanks for linking up!!

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