Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kids in the Word: Jacob

Our Bible story a couple weeks ago was about Jacob. We learned about Jacob receiving his father's blessing, Jacob's ladder, marrying Rebekah, wrestling an angel, and reconciling with Esau.

Bible & Books 

Most of our stories, once again came from our favorite toddler Bible: The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes. We read this most mornings at breakfast. The story of Jacob was divided up into five different mini-stories, so we covered one per day. (We also read the two stories about Isaac to bridge the gap from Abraham to Jacob). As usual, Jonathan really engaged with the stories and the pictures in this Bible. It's just perfect for him at this stage.

Twin to Twin by Margaret O'Hair

This was a recommendation from Hubbard's Cupboard. It's a lively story following a pair of energetic fraternal boy-girl twins from infancy to toddlerhood. The big, colorful illustrations show the twins playing, eating, bathing as well as celebrating milestones like walking and talking. The rhyming text is equally sweet. It's a great book for teaching and emphasizing the concept of twins. Jonathan has some friends who are fraternal twins, so the concept wasn't unfamiliar to him. Still, this was a sweet read.

"Piglet Tells the Truth" from First Virtues for Toddlers by Mary Manz Simon

The story of Jacob also lends itself well to talking about being honest. Simon has written twelve short stories focusing on different biblical virtues for children. We read this short story about a little pig who learns that being truthful pleases God.

We also learned the nursery rhyme Peas Porridge Hot (also per the recommendation of Hubbard's Cupboard).


Our Country Road designed a super-cute printable for the story of Jacob's ladder. She and her kids make a Bible Activity Book containing a printable activity for each story they learn. What a fabulous idea! I think I may incorporate it next year-- how fun to be able to look back and see what you've learned about God even as a preschooler! For now, we just practiced our gluing (sorry for the poor quality picture):

So that's how we learned about Jacob and Esau. Coming next week... Joseph!

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