Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kids in the Word: Abraham

Abraham was our next stop in our toddler-friendly Bible lessons. It surprised me how much Jonathan picked up from this lesson. Here's what we did:


We read portions of the story each morning from Jonathan's Bible. Our Bible divided the story up into five portions, so we covered one per day. 

- Abraham is God's friend
- God Gives Abraham the Best
- God Promises Abraham a Son
- Three Men from Heaven
- God Tests Abraham's Love

The third story resonated the most with Jonathan. He told me that Abraham wanted a little boy "just like Jonathan" and that he looked up to see the stars and God promised him a little boy. It was so sweet!

To reinforce this story we read:

Abraham's Search for God by Jacqueline Jules

This book tells how Abraham came to be a believer in the one true God. Jules draws from rabbinical literature to recount stories from Abraham's childhood. Abraham is portrayed as an inquisitive boy who doesn't understand why his family would worship an idol that was manmade. Abraham considers worshiping different aspects of nature until he ultimately decides to worship the One who created them all. It's an interesting story, but obviously uses extrabiblical sources. I couldn't find any other children's books about Abraham in our local library. Any recommendations?


We used an activity from Hubbard's Cupboard where we made a "Count the Stars" booklet. Each half page had a number and Jonathan had to put that many stars on each page. He made it up to page seven and then he got distracted. He did a great job up until that point! He's doing really well with his one-to-one correspondence.

Movie & Music 

We sang Father Abraham a lot this week! Jonathan really loved this silly song, but he didn't really participate in the motions.

We watched Abe and the Amazing Promise. This is a Veggie Tales movie in which the first half recounts the story of Abraham. Jonathan enjoyed seeing how this tied in with what we read this week.

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Ticia said...

I love the idea of tying counting the stars to Abraham. I had never thought of that.

Oh, Fantastic Five hosts "Bible Alive Tuesday" you should link over to her sometime.

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