Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kids in the Word: Joseph

Before we went down to central Illinois to celebrate Grace's birthday, we learned about the story of Joseph.


As usual we read, the story out of Jonathan's toddler Bible. We do this at breakfast time, when J's attention is best. Even Gracie has started enjoying looking at the pictures. The story of Joseph was broken into ten shorter stories, so we did two stories each day. We talked a lot about being forgiving and obedient just like Joseph.

Joseph and His Brothers

This is another book from the I Can Read! series. Jonathan loves all the books in this series and this week we focused on the book about Joseph. We read these books before bedtime, so it ties back in with the morning lesson. The stories are simply told, but Jonathan knows them so well he can tell us what is happening in each passage.

First Virtues for Toddlers: Tiger Forgives by Mary Manz Simon

Jonathan's Nana got him this book and I'm very thankful for it, because we've used it a lot. It illustrates twelve different character traits in little stories. This week we read the story "Tiger Forgives". Very cute!


I didn't get around to these, but here are some we bookmarked:

This is a simple cut/paste craft where your child pastes different colors onto Joseph's coat. It would be great for teaching color recognition! You can also print a black/white template so your child can color each patch of Joseph's coat. I meant to do this one, but the week got away from me. Maybe next year...

This link is to a full lesson on Joseph. I love the idea of using different fabric to make a multi-colored coat!


We wrapped up the week by watching this Veggie Tales movie that tells the story of Joseph, but puts it into a western backdrop. Very entertaining!

So that was our week on Joseph! To see more Joseph ideas I found, check out my Pinterest board.

Next up- Moses!

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Jackie H. said...

Love the cut and paste coat! I'm not sure I could pull off the fabric coat. :) Great ideas!

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