Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kids in the Word: God's Good News

As Christians, it is very important to me and my husband to disciple our children.Our prayer is that our children would follow and serve Christ their Lord. Part of this responsibility involves teaching our children about Jesus and the content of the Bible. Another side of this responsibility involves modeling- living the life of faith before our children.

Personally, I can find this very overwhelming at times. True confession: I've even gone to seminary and taken classes on children's ministry and I still feel lost at trying to disciple and train my children.

This month I've started a year-long Bible curriculum with Jonathan (and Grace is tagging along). I own a set of preschool Bible curriculum I've purchased from my cousin's church called God's Good News. You can also download lessons for free a couple weeks at a time from their website.

What I like about this curriculum is that it goes through a year's worth of Bible stories. The Old Testament is studied in the Summer/Fall and the New Testament in the Winter/Spring. The Christmas & Easter lessons fall at the appropriate time of the year. There's also very helpful teacher notes.

The curriculum is definitely set up for a classroom setting, so it needs some adapting for the home. I like to supplement with lessons from other sites. Here are two of my favorites:

ABC Jesus Loves Me

What are your favorite resources? How do you try to disciple and train your children?

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