Friday, June 3, 2011

f is for feet- activities

See Part I (books)  here

Sign Language & Vocabulary

We reviewed the sign for foot and learned some new foot-related vocabulary (heel, ball, sole)

Motor Skills 

We practiced all the things we could do with our feet:  running, jumping, skipping, marching, kicking, 
hopping, walking on a line, dancing. 


We painted with our feet, making footprints on paper:

We compared sizes of our feet to tie it in with some math skills. And we counted toes. We each had ten :)

And we did a coloring page from Carisa's Tot School Printables. Jonathan correctly identified and colored each foot the appropriate color. His coloring is still more scribbling, but he's starting to get the concept of coloring a particular object on the page. We also did a puzzle and sequencing activity Carisa provided.

Jonathan had fun with the couple days we spent looking at our feet. Thanks for visiting!

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Giggly Girls said...

Lots of fun!!!

Just popping in from tot school.

SamDIBO said...

Popping in from Tot School! I love the painted footprints activity, we'll have to borrow the idea when we hit F :)

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