Friday, June 10, 2011

f is for frog- books + activities

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I thought Jonathan would be as interested in frogs as he was in fish, but frogs didn't go over as well.


Frogs! by Elizabeth Carney

This is part of a nonfiction easy-reader series by National Geographic. I chose this book about frogs to familiarize Jonathan with different aspects of frogs. The book covers different sizes and colors of frogs as well as what frogs eat, where frogs live, the sound frogs make and the life cycle of a frog. It's illustrated with photographs of different kinds of frogs. Jonathan was mildly interested in the photographs of frogs, but didn't sit through the book. It may be more interesting to him when he's older.

A Frog in the Bog by Karma Wilson

This is a cute counting story about a small hungry frog sitting on a log in a bog. He starts by eating one tick, two fleas, etc as he grows bigger and bigger. After five snails the frog is in for quite a surprise! The book counts up to (and down from) five in a humorous story that caught and kept Jonathan's attention. The rhyming text and soft watercolors complement one another well.

Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan

This is a cumulative story about a frog who tries to capture a fly, but then other animals try to catch the frog. The only recourse the frog has is to jump to escape his enemies. Eventually, the frog gets into a situation where he needs a little help to escape. Jonathan enjoyed this story and was watching eagerly to see if the frog would escape. Byron Barton's bold illustrations add to the appeal. This is a cute story that toddlers will enjoy!


We tried to jump like a frog-- but this only ended up frustrating Jonathan. He was having a cranky day and it was raining so we were inside most of the day.

We did a frog matching game that was a FREE download from Mntessori Print Shop. This he enjoyed a lot more-- he's very into matching things lately.

And that was really it for this "lesson". Maybe next time we do frogs again it'll be of more interest.

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