Friday, June 24, 2011

Gorilla Printables

I created my first set of printables to go along with our "g is for gorilla" unit. If you want to download and use them yourself, I'd be honored. They are available as a free download on Scribd. Enjoy!


jess_hak said...

Thanks for stopping by and for asking some questions. The really funny thing is that I had a whole paragraph written up about this and then deleted it. lol

Don't let the blog posts fool does drive my hubby crazy sometimes. :) The thing that I am quick to remind him is that I only spend money like this during the summer months. I rarely buy things the rest of the year because I am able to clothe my kids, buy their bday/Christmas presents, and our supplemental school things at yard sales.

I set aside change all year round and cash that in sometime in May. That usually will get me through the first month of the sales. I also use my bday money. I also watch a little boy during the week and use the money I get from watching him ($25). Other than those three extra things we have a monthly budget set up. We use envelopes and I use the clothing money we have set aside for the month as well as our misc. money.

My kids are pretty typical with their sizes. I just look ahead to see what we have and don't have for the upcoming year for them to wear and put it on the list. The only time I ever spend money on new clothes for my kids is Christmas and Easter outfits, with their bday money, and if there is something that they are in need of.

I do the same with school supplies. I have a wish list on Amazon and when I find something I get to delete it. Always a great feeling. I'm a planner by nature so I always have a list of what we will need/what would make learning more fun.

I try to avoid buying useless stuff. I always think in my head how/when/why will I use this. Although there are always a few indulgences here and there. :)

I do not haggle.....I just usually pay asking price. If the price is to high I just don't buy it. I'm a pushover really. I don't like confrontation. There have been some instances with exceptions (especially on CraigsList), but mostly I just pay what they're asking.

Bottom line is I absolutely love doing this. It is seriously a hobby for me. I enjoy the thrill of finding something I needed. I find it refreshing and invigorating (I know....I like to live on the edge. lol)

Sorry for the novella! Any other questions let me know! :)

jess_hak said...

P.S. Love the cute!

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