Thursday, June 2, 2011

f is for feet- books

We continued looking at the letter "f" by looking at our feet. Carisa over at 1+1+1=1 made some Tot School printables that focused on feet- so I decided that foot/feet would be one of our letter "f" words.


My Feet by Aliki

This book is part of a series called Let's Read and Find Out Science. The book is aimed at preschool and kindergarten aged children to help satisfy their curiosity about their feet. The book covers basic anatomy (toes, heel, sole), counting (1-10 toes), what your feet do (support your weight, help you walk), different sizes of feet, what you can do with your feet (walk, run, skip, etc.), how you dress your feet for different kinds of weather, etc. It's very informative without being too scientific. Aliki Brandenburg is an author we have enjoyed in the past. Her cheerful illustrations show children of various ethnicities and abilities enjoying all the things they can do with their feet. Jonathan sat through this book easily and the book provided lots of ideas for discussion as well as activities we could try.

The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss

This is a classic Dr. Seuss book that I was unfamiliar with growing up. Dr. Seuss's zany characters explore all the different feet one meets- left feet, right feet, low feet, high feet. The simple text (1 to 2 sentences per page layout) makes it ideal for early readers and toddlers should have no trouble paying attention to the story. Jonathan has had this book for a while now and it's an easy read aloud. It also helps reinforce the concepts of "left" and "right" as well as some other opposites discussed in the story. This is a quick, fun read that Jonathan enjoys each time.

Dancing Feet by Lindsey Craig

This is such a fun picture book that will get your children moving! Craig's toe-tapping rhymes are paired expertly with Marc Brown's collage pictures. Children are invited to guess whose happy feet are dancing by hearing the sound the feet make and looking at the picture clues. The ladybug's feet, for example go "tippity, tippity" and the elephant goes "stompity! stompity!" Jonathan loved this book and had a lot of fun trying to guess which animal was dancing.

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