Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Letter Cc Books

My "c" Sound Box by Jane Monclure

This is another book in the Sound Box series. The story is very simple- a little girl (little c) finds items that begin with her sound and puts them in a box. There are pictures above the vocabulary words used in the story to help your child become familiar with the way the words look. At the end of the book, there's a list of the "c" words used in the story, as well as other "c" words you can talk about and related activities. The book focused on the hard "c" sound, but it also lists some soft "c" words as well as "ch" words in the back of the book.  This series provides us with a chance to expand our vocabulary and also is somewhat entertaining to Jonathan. 

Carrie's Surprise: The Sound of Hard C  by Joanne Meier and Cecilia Minden

This is another series by Child's World publications.  This series specifically focuses on phonemic sounds so this book focuses on the hard c sound and there's a second book which focuses specifically on the soft c sound.  In this particular story, Carrie and her father make a card and a cake for her mother's birthday. I liked that the series has different books to differentiate the sounds that "C" makes. The vocabulary used was not as extensive as the Sound Box series, but it would make this series ideal for early readers. 

Jonathan's "C" Book

We also made our own "C" book focusing on the words that start with a hard "C".  I downloaded the template from Alphabet Avenue, but then added some of our own pages to focus on hard "c" words that we learned about. I searched and found free clip art to use in our pictures. Jonathan enjoyed looking through his very own book and would tell me the items on each page. We began doing this with the letter b, and while some of the novelty wore off, he still wanted to flip through the book a few times. 

Library Links 

Carrie's Surprise
My "C" Sound Box

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