Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Day Two

Yesterday we continued our Easter egg unit.


We read The Easter Story by Patricia Pingry. This was another age-appropriate introduction to Easter, focusing on the biblical narrative more than the traditions of Easter. It shares about who Jesus is, where He lived, and a little about His ministry with the twelve apostles. It then goes into the Easter story, being truthful about Jesus' death without being scary. It talks about how Jesus is alive today and how we can live too if we believe in Him! It's short and it held Jonathan's attention well. He had fun pointing out Jesus on each page. We'll be reading this book each year, I'm sure!


We sorted Easter erasers and tried to put them into patterns:


We tore up Easter colored tissue paper and pressed it onto contact paper that I had cut into the shape of a cross: 

Sensory Bin

We played with an Easter sensory bin. I filled it with tissue paper, Easter grass, confetti, plastic eggs, bendable bunnies, colorful cups, etc.:


We listened to some Easter hymns/children's songs. Jonathan started jumping around to the children's song "Ho-Ho-Ho Hosanna"

And that was our day! 

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