Tuesday, April 26, 2011

d is for duck

Here's the promised "d is for duck" page. No pictures- but here's a summary of what we did through the week:

Sign Language

We reviewed the sign for duck.


A Cuddle for Little Duck by Claire Freedman

Totally Tots had this book as part of their regular feature "Now I Know My ABCS". It's a large board book with a rhyming story about a little duckling's day.  Overall, I think the book was a better book for Grace than for Jonathan. the story was a little too simple to hold Jonathan's interest. Grace, however, liked turning the large pages and patting the pictures. The story is sweet and soothing- it would be a perfect bedtime story for my little girl.

Little Quack by Lauren Thompson

A cute counting story about five little ducklings taking their first swim in the pond. The pictures are colorful and engaging and the story captured his attention easily. As a bonus, Jonathan had a lot of fun counting the ducklings on the bottom of the pages with the "quack-ulator". There's a whole series of Little Quack books and I know we'll be checking out more of these books!

One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root

This is a very fun tongue-twister of a book about a duck stuck in the muck. The colorful and vibrant illustrations are very engaging as the book counts up from one to ten as different animals try to help the duck get unstuck from the muck! It's a great book for reinforcing counting and is very engaging for toddlers. We've checked this book out of the library a couple times now and it's grown on Jonathan each time.

Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings by Matthew Van Fleet

This is another touch-and-feel book from Matthew Van Fleet. Van Fleet's book helps to reinforce lessons of shape, color, and texture. Several different animals are featured throughout this book with minimal text. This is another book that was more appealing for Grace than for Jonathan, although Jonathan did pull it out several times to have daddy read it to him.


We used watercolor paints for the first time to paint a picture of a duck. He liked mixing and swirling the colors a lot, but I didn't get a picture. The picture was from Carisa's Tot School Printables pack.


We also did some pre-writing sheets from Carisa's Tot School Printables as well as a duck puzzle and a duck lacing card. Jonathan did a very good job on the puzzle!

Anyways, sorry for the lack of pictures, but it was still a fun day looking at ducks!

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