Thursday, April 14, 2011

d is for digger


Dazzling Diggers by Tony Mitton

Another hit by Tony Mitton- we are becoming big Tony Mitton fans. This is another book in Mitton's Amazing Machines series. This particular book talks about different construction vehicles in Mitton's rhyming style and teaches about the different technical parts. Jonathan loved this book the best of all so far-- he wanted me to read it over and over again! 

Digger Man by Andrea Zimmerman & David Clemesha

This is a cute story about a little boy imagining what he would do with his own digger. The boy imagines that he will use his digger to make ponds and parks. His little brother is too little to use his digger, but the boy imagines that he will teach his brother how to use his digger when he's older. This was a book that Jonathan could relate to- both with the little boy's fascination with diggers and the boy's care for his younger sibling. Jonathan wanted to read this book over and over again- it was a hit with this toddler!

Puzzles & Fine Motor Skills 

We pulled out his construction puzzle by Melissa & Doug. These chunky puzzles are too easy for him at this point, but he still enjoys doing them and playing with the chunky pieces. 

Pretend Play 

I pulled out his toy digger from the toy rotation bins. He was so excited to see it. It's battery operated and makes noise and moves the shovel. However, he was so intrigued by it that somehow he broke it and it no longer turned off. So all day long we heard "Rrrr rrrr rrrr" until the batteries wore out!

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