Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What We're Reading- Aliki

We were introduced to Aliki Brandenberg through another toddler-friendly booklist. Aliki has written and illustrated a number of books for children of all ages, some of which have been featured on the PBS show Reading Rainbow. Most are nonfiction geared towards preschool and up. But here are a couple we've enjoyed during the infant/toddler years:

Welcome Little Baby is a sweet book in which the mommy is caring for and talking to her baby. The mommy tells the baby how excited they are that the baby is here and what life will be like as he or she grows and learns about the world. The pastel illustrations are very sweet and the text is very calming. It's a great read aloud for a young baby. It focuses on a parent-child relationship not a sibling relationship, so it's most appropriate for snuggling with your baby on your lap.

One Little Spoonful is part of the Harper Growing Tree series. This book is targeted for ages 1+, but we enjoyed it as soon as we introduced solid foods to Jonathan. In this story, a mommy is feeding her baby giving "one little spoonful for your nose" and then "one little spoonful for your toes". The rhyme is catchy and sweet and I would find myself reciting it to Jonathan as I fed him. Now, he laughs at the messy baby as we read the story to Gracie. It's a fun read aloud.

Both of these books are out of print, but you can find used copies online or just check them out of your local library!

Aliki has some science and social studies related books that I think we'll be exploring in the next few years. Explore Amazon's Aliki page to find more by this author.

Find These Books in Your Local Library: 

One Little Spoonful
Welcome Little Baby

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