Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Letter Bb Books

We've finished up learning about the letter b and have moved on to letter c. Before I start showing you what we've been doing, I thought I'd highlight a few books that we looked at throughout our Bb lessons:

My b Sound Box by Jane Monclure

This is a new edition of a series that has been around for a while. The series is just perfect for helping toddlers recognize starting sounds and build vocabulary. The story is very simple- a little girl (little b) finds items that begin with her sound and puts them in a box. There are pictures above the vocabulary words used in the story to help your child become familiar with the way the words look. At the end of the book, there's a list of the "b" words used in the story, as well as other "b" words you can talk about. Jonathan sat and paid attention to the story and wanted it read often enough that he began to make connections between the words and the sounds. We plan on looking at more books in this series!

The Berenstain's B Book by Stan & Jan Berenstain

This is a classic book that I remember from my childhood. It's not a book featuring the popular Berenstain Bears. It's a book that uses about thirty three different B words to tell a zany story. Each page adds to the story and it's just a fun read. Try reading the story fast- that will challenge you and bring giggles from your tot! Jonathan enjoyed this story as much as I remember enjoying it!

Bob Books- Alphabet (My First Bob Books)- AB Book

This set of books contains 12 small books featuring two or three short stories. Each story focuses on a particular letter of the alphabet and introduces some basic vocabulary. They are simply illustrated and use only a few words per page. For Bb some of the words we focused on included bear, beaver, bunny, bed, breakfast. Jonathan is drawn in to the stories and seems to really enjoy them a lot. I think we will really enjoy more of this series!

Baby Einstein Alphabooks

We received these from a friend at church and both Jonathan and Grace really enjoy them. There's a little board book for each letter of the alphabet with three pictures inside. The pictures are a combination of cartoons, paintings and pictures. Jonathan does very well at naming the different items and Grace just enjoys looking at the pictures. It makes this a nice supplement to the letter we're looking at.
Note: The biggest "issue" with the books is that the animal character on the cover of the book does not always match the letter. This could confuse some children, especially if they are not familiar with the Baby Einstein character names.

Library Links 

My b Sound Box
My First Bob Books (Alphabet)
The Berenstain's B Book

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