Monday, February 28, 2011

Grace Recommends: Toys for 3-6 Months

Here are some of the toys Grace has enjoyed playing with in the past few month. Most are rattles/teethers: 

Winkel-- she loves this teething/rattle toy made by the Manhattan Toy Company. The loops are just the right size for her to grasp and the colors attract her attention. You can easily attach it to a stroller or you can chill it and use is as a teether. It also has helped her learn to use both of her hands together to manipulate the toy. It's entertained her well for the past couple months. She'll probably outgrow it in the next couple months, but it's been well worth the investment. 

Sophie the Giraffe- Grace loves any toy with a face on it! It's kind of silly how much this French teether costs, but it is organic and has no chemicals. It is made to engage all five senses. It's another toy that has been easy for Grace to grip onto and move around. If I have Sophie out, Grace looks for her. It's another toy I'm glad we purchased. 

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball- similar to the Winkel, this rattle is colorful and easy for her to manipulate. It attracts her attention and she enjoys shaking it and hearing the sound. I think she'll enjoy throwing it soon enough!

Bright Starts Rattle- she loves this rattle (as well as the more feminine version). Again, easy to grasp, colorful,  with a pleasant rattling sound. Her favorite rattle toy.

Baby Einstein Hanging Octopus- Another toy with a face! We hang this from various places- her jumper, baby gym, etc. and she really loves pulling on the legs and coos and talks to it. 

Garanimals Monkey on the Go- a toy we found at Walmart when we were desperate to find a good travel toy. She loves looking at these monkeys (because they have faces?), grabbing the rings and playing with them while in her car seat. 

Tiny Love Baby Gym- she still loves her baby gym, she'll lay there a while looking at the different toys and grabbing them to make them dance and swing. I love how portable this toy is and how long it's lasted- it's entertained her since she was about 6 weeks old

Bouncy Seat- she likes our Fisher Price Rainforest bouncer. She likes the lights and has figured out how to make the lights turn on by manipulating the various toys. A great bouncy seat, along with all its sequel versions. 

Baby Einstein Jumper- we have the older version of this stationary jumper and she likes being upright, jumping and playing with the toys on the front. We started her in this at about 5 months old, when she had enough head/back control. 

Bumbo- Grace likes being able to sit up and watch Jonathan. This is a great chair for her to be able to sit and look around (since she can't sit without support yet) and it also has a nice tray to make a little table to old her rattles and small toys. It can also double as a portable high chair!

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