Thursday, March 31, 2011

c is for cow

Sign Language & Vocabulary

We reviewed the sign for cow. We also talked about how baby cows are called calves.

Books & Poetry 

The Cow that Went Oink by Bernard Most

This is a simple story about a cow that cannot say "moo" but says "oink" instead. The cow is laughed at by other cows and feels sad until she meets a pig that cannot say "oink" but says "moo". The two animals help each other learn how to say the proper sound. It is such a silly story, that Jonathan picked up on the humor of a cow saying oink right away. He also liked the sounds the other animals would make in laughing- such as "baa-ha". We used the story to talk about being nice to those who are different from us.

Little Calf by Kim Lewis

This is a sweet story about a little girl who lives on a farm. Together with her daddy, she watches a little calf be born and take its first steps. It's a short quick read with beautiful realistic pictures. We talked about "calves" being baby cows. Jonathan seemed to enjoy this simple story, although it wasn't one he wanted to return to.

The Cow by Robert Louis Stevenson

Pretend Play 

We acted out the story The Cow that Went Oink with our puppets. Here's Jonathan showing off his puppets-- this is the first time he really engaged with our puppets:


We played the How Many Spots? game from 2 Teaching Mommy's farm unit. In this game, we used black pom poms (they also recommend black beans) and would put the appropriate number of spots on the cow. Jonathan didn't get too into this activity- he wanted to throw around the pom poms. Oh well! He had fun, I guess. :)


We played with a cowbell and mallet and experimented with tapping the cowbell softly, loudly, quickly and slowly. This was part of a musical literacy kit that we got from the library.

My old cow is singing loudly
Moo, Moo, moo-ing all day long.
Then she moos so very softly
Moo-ing 'til the day is done. 

Moo-ing loudly, moo-ing loudly,
Moo-ing loudly all day long.
Moo-ing softly, moo-ing softly,
Softly 'til the day is done. 

In the kit it said to tap the cowbell loudly and softly as indicated in the song. Then, you can substitute hitting the cowbell quickly and slowly. Jonathan loved experimenting with the cowbell.

Library Links 

Little Calf
The Cow that Went Oink 

Web Resources 

C is for Cow @ First School
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