Friday, March 4, 2011

b is for bus

Sign Language 

There are different signs out there for bus. We reviewed the one that we learned from signing time.


The Wheels on the Bus by Paul Zelinsky

This is the first book with moving parts (other than lift-the-flap books) we've read and my goodness, it is a hit! Jonathan has always loved the song the wheels on the bus and this cleverly illustrated book has become such a favorite. It has wheels that you can turn, you can make the people go bump, open the doors, swish the wipers, etc. Most of the pages have tabs you pull back and forth. The only hesitation I would have in purchasing this book is it might not last long with my exuberant two year old. It's best to look at the book together to prevent damage. The illustrations are detailed and tell a story of their own. I actually had to hide this book from Jonathan because he enjoyed it so much and I didn't want him to read it without me. Fantastic book!

School Bus by Donald Crews

Donald Crews has several transportation related books. Freight Train is a particular favorite of Jonathan's, so I thought we would check out School Bus from our library. The book chronicles (mostly in pictures) the typical day of a school bus around town. The buses go, the buses stop. Children get on. Children get off. Buses wait. Children go home. The text isn't anything profound but the illustrations caught Jonathan's attention and he enjoyed it enough to want to read it again.

Seals on the Bus by Lenny Hort

This is a clever spoof on the Wheels on the Bus that involves animal sounds. There are seals going "errp. errp", vipers going "hisss hissss" and geese going "honk honk". Jonathan seemed to enjoy this silly story and making the animal noises. The illustrations just add to the fun. A fun book that both Grace and Jonathan enjoyed!
There are tons of great learning activities to go with this book too! We printed out this activity from Making Learning Fun to retell the story.


We did another do-a-dot page from Making Learning Fun. And we printed out a school bus picture and colored it with markers.

Library Links
School Bus
The Seals on the Bus
The Wheels on the Bus

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