Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tot School: k is for kangaroo and koala

Tot School
Jonathan is 32 Months

This week has gone much more smoothly, so we were able to do a little more "Tot School". We turned our focus to the letter "Kk" and learned about two Australian animals: the kangaroo and koala!

Bible & Character 

We also learned about Joshua this week and read several stories about the biblical hero. We also started focusing on different character traits/godly habits.  We recently bought this book which focuses on 12 different habits and how they are lived out in different settings. My plan is to do one habit a month, and supplement with different activities. So look for upcoming posts about these topics!


The heart of all of our learning adventures is reading. I've really resonated with the Charlotte Mason philosophy of surrounding children with "living books". So, each week we try to read a lot of picture books about our subject. It's meant to be a fun way to get them interested in what we're learning about.

This week, we read (favorites are marked with a *)




We did a little mini-geography lesson about Australia. We recently got a Hugg a Planet globe pillow and talked about where Australia was on the map. Both Jonathan and Grace really enjoy our soft globe:

It's great for cuddling!

I live here! (kind of)

We also used some free three-part Australian animal cards and matched up animals from our Safari Land Down Under Toob. Jonathan loves to play with his animals. Every time one would be mentioned in a story, he'd find that animal (dingo, cockatoo, platypus, etc.).


We made a kangaroo:

and a koala:

I cut out the animals, but Jonathan did the gluing and placing "all by myself".

We also did some coloring with Grace this week, along with a page from our Kumon Let's Color! Workbook. Jonathan is understanding that he needs to color inside the lines, but doesn't always have the fine motor control to do so:

Fine Motor Skills 

Jonathan loves puzzles lately too. He's so proud to tell me when he does a puzzle "all by myself!". We did several puzzles lately:

Doing a 12-Piece Melissa & Doug puzzle

Doing his 24 pc transportation floor puzzle

Sensory Play/Math 

We played with our fall sensory bin and tried to make ABAB patterns, along with other sorting/counting activities (look for a Montessori Monday post tomorrow with more extension ideas).

Scooping apples

A Gourd/Pinecone Pattern

So those are the reading and learning adventures we did this week. We are linking up to these fantastic blogs. Have a great weekend- thanks for stopping by!


The Princess and the Tot said...

It's fun to see your activities, as our little ones are the same age! I need to get some more complicated puzzles for Super Tot. I think he would enjoy them, too.

Annette said...

Love the globe pillow! Looks like you all had lots of fun this week. :)

Aimee from Classified: Mom said...

What fantastic ideas for your little one! Thank you for sharing this on The Sunday Showcase.

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