Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pinterest Tuesday- Thoughts of Autumn

Well, we're still home for right now, but we are ready to head back down to central Illinois at any point. So I expect this week will be a bit lighter for us.

Here are some things I've been pinning this week. Can you tell I've been thinking of Fall? Head on over to Our Country Road to see and submit more pins!

Baby/Apple Activity from Lightening Bug Literacy (can't wait to try this with Grace- they have lots of great resources at this site! I'm thinking of making a Fall sensory bin, so this would be a great extension!)

Apple Cupcakes: 

Candy Corn Cookies:

Homemade Pumpkins:

1 comment:

Jackie H. said...

Love that baby apple activity. I think that could keep Tyson entertained for a while. As long as he doesn't throw the apples.

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