Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a is for ambulance

As a momma of a little boy who is constantly in motion, I can tell you that he loves anything that moves! So, for one of our "a" words we focused on ambulances.

This was a shorter lesson, perfect for a day filled with other activities!

Sign Language 

We learned the sign for ambulance.


We read two books today about ambulances and looked at one book with ambulance pictures:

I Drive an Ambulance by Sarah Bridges

This nonfiction book is part of a series called working wheels. It features two female EMT drivers telling you about the ambulance they drive and what they do during their day. This book was perfect for holding Jonathan's attention- only a few lines on each page with big colorful illustrations. Each page also has a little box which gives more facts about ambulances and EMTs- a little too much information for my two year old, but it would be just perfect for an older child. We will definitely be checking out other books in this series!

Ambulances by Gary Amoroso.

I found this book at our local library and chose it because it offers a basic explanation of what ambulances do. There's a question about ambulances on each double page spread along with a simple answer that even toddlers can understand along with defining vocabulary words. I liked that it provided real life pictures of both inside and outside an ambulance and Jonathan did seem to enjoy looking at the pictures.

He would bring both of the above books over to daddy and me- so he really enjoyed them! I was very surprised because neither were fiction books!

My Big Rescue Book by Roger Priddy

We've enjoyed several Roger Priddy books when Jonathan was younger. This particular book we haven't looked at very much, but I pulled it out this week. It has  a bunch of different pictures of rescue equipment and rescue workers. Some are very obscure (underwater search truck) and others common (firetruck). There was one picture of an ambulance, which we looked at, but the book didn't really catch Jonathan's attention. We haven't enjoyed this as much as other Roger Priddy books.

Library Links: Use Worldcat to see if your local library carries these items:


I Drive An Ambulance

My Big Rescue Book

Pretend Play

I actually found an toy ambulance at the dollar section at Target and presented it to Jonathan when we learned about ambulances. This was a huge hit-- all day long he enjoyed playing with the ambulance and hitting the button that made the siren go "beep beep beep". Jonathan was so excited to show it to daddy when he got home!

Showing me the flashing light. :)


I couldn't find much out there for ambulances, but we printed this coloring page and colored it. I did later find an ambulance craft using the same coloring page, but I think we'll save it for next time.

Mini Field Trip 

We had some errands to run on ambulance day, so for a treat, I drove by our local ER and pointed out the parked ambulances to Jonathan. He seemed to really enjoy the trip- he brought his toy ambulance along and liked hitting the button as we saw the ambulance. Obviously, we didn't bother the EMTs but I think next time I may try to set something up with the fire station if possible...

Other Web Resources 

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