Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toddler Friendly Nativity Scene

Last year was Jonathan's first Christmas. We were in the midst of moving back to Chicago, so we didn't decorate or do very much to celebrate. The only thing I did was display my Willow Tree nativity set. This year, I'm so excited to be able to decorate- especially since Jonathan's a bit older and will be able to understand a little more of what's going on around him.

Last year, I spotted this Fisher Price Little People Nativity set and I knew I wanted it for Jonathan. I love my Willow Tree set, but I believe it's important for children to have a nativity set they can play with and manipulate. We had the Little People Noah's Ark set, and I knew the nativity would be perfect for a toddler to handle.

This year I was delighted to receive it from a dear friend shortly after Grace's birth. We pulled it out yesterday and Jonathan loved it.  I used the people to reenact the Bible story and then I let him play with the figures as he wished. We repeated the story again today. His favorite part is pressing the button to hear "Away in a Manger"! I'm ordering the three wise men set for him as well.

Playing with his nativity

He likes it!

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