Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby Moses- Part Two

After we set up the story, talking about the Hebrews working for the mean king, I told Jonathan how the mean king was scared because there were so many Hebrew people. So the mean king decided to take all the baby boys away. [I didn't feel it was appropriate to talk about how the Pharaoh decided to murder the baby boys-- Jonathan isn't quite two yet and I felt he was too young to understand such a scary topic.]

Then we used the second picture from Sunday School Fun Zone. We talked about how there was a mommy that had a little baby boy. The Bible says that he was not an ordinary child. He was a beautiful baby. His mama loves him very much and wants to protect him from the mean king. She hid him for three months. When he got too big to hide, the mama made a little waterproof basket to put the baby in. 

Then we acted out this part of the story, using a baby doll and a basket. We wrapped the baby in a receiving blanket, and talked about how the mama loved her baby boy just like I love Jonathan and Grace. We sang to the baby and put the baby in the basket. This was a good dramatic play activity, although this did not capture his attention as much as the blocks did. He did enjoy pointing out different facial features on the baby doll, but it didn't capture his interest. I'm sure this would work well for other children! 

Our Baby Moses.

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