Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Moses- Books

Here are some of the books we're reading as part of our Baby Moses lesson:

The Baby in the Basket by Jennifer Rees Larcombe

This is a simple retelling of the Bible story that is meant for preschool children. The text makes it a very fun read-aloud that toddlers will also enjoy. I like how this book emphasizes God's plan for His people and even includes questions to discuss the book with your children (they would work best for preschool and up).

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Moses in the Bulrushes by Heather Amery

This Usborne Bible tell book is another book that we've enjoyed. This is another retelling aimed at preschoolers, yet is simple enough that a toddler would enjoy. We enjoy the pictures in this book a little more, but this book does not mention God in the story, which is a major oversight.

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These are the best books that I've found to read aloud to toddlers. We checked out a few other Baby Moses books from our library, but these two stood out the most. Enjoy!

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