Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Moses- Part One

We are doing a piece of the Baby Moses story each day, adding on as Jonathan's attention span allows. Some days we can spend a good 15 minutes on the story. Other days, I'm lucky if we can do 5 minutes. But that's okay. I just want him to have fun learning about God!

To make the story come to life, I printed out story pages from the Little Baby Moses Story at Sunday School Fun Zone. I colored in the pictures, cut them out, laminated them and stuck them onto magnets. I didn't follow the lesson available at the site, but I have incorporated some elements as we talk about the pictures.

The first day we used the picture of the Hebrew slaves. The points we covered were:

The men in the picture look sad. They are the Israelites, the children of God. They lived in Egypt and had to work for a mean king building big towers. Sometimes they were hurt by the king and got boo-boos. Did God see what was happening to his people? Yes. God loves His people and watches over them. The people were so sad, they prayed to God. God always hears our prayers.

Afterward, we went into our playroom and built a pyramid from our big cardboard blocks. He had a lot of fun building the tower as high as possible and insisted that Bob the Tomato be put on top. (I have no idea why!) This was a fun gross motor skill activity that really helped the story sink in.

Building our pyramid!

When my husband came home, Jonathan seemed to remember the story. He told my husband that the men were "sad" and when we asked what the men did when they were sad, he said "pray". Then he had more fun building towers with my husband pretending to be an Egyptian overseer: "Build Higher! Higher!" They built a tall tower and then had fun knocking it down. Typical boys! :)

Besides imparting a spiritual lesson (God cares about us and listens to our prayers), this was also good for building listening/comprehension skills and working on some motor skills. I think we both had fun!

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