Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tot School- All About Feelings

Tot School
Jonathan is 30 Months

We've taken a lighter approach to doing activities the last few weeks. We've been enjoying our summer, spending time with friends and family, and just exploring our town. I've been rethinking what types of activities I want to do with Jonathan (and begin doing with Grace), as Jonathan has now mastered his upper and lowercase letters. I'm not sure at 2 1/2 he's ready to do anything extremely focused just yet. Any advice?  Right now I'm leaning towards focusing on different themes and reviewing a letter to go along with them. 

So this week we started looking at feelings. Jonathan really only recognizes "happy" and "sad" and I thought exploring different feelings could be helpful. 

We also covered Abraham this week in our Bible time so we tied in "feelings" with the fact that Sarah laughed. (We are using curriculum from Hubbard's Cupboard for our Bible time, supplemented with resources I own.) 

Stories, Nursery Rhymes & Read Alouds 

Our Bookshelf For This Week

We read various books about feelings. Amy calls it "bibliotherapy". These books were great tool to help us discuss emotions that we came across during our week. You can read our reviews in a previous post here.

Feelings by Aliki
The Way I Feel by Janan Cain
On Monday When It Rained by Cherryl Kachenmeister
One I forgot to include was Mr. Happy by Roger Hargreaves. This is from a popular series I remember from kindergarten. In this simple story Mr. Happy meets Mr. Miserable and tries to make him be happy. Jonathan really liked this story as well as pointing out the different characters. 

Language Arts 

We've started using a series of phonics workbooks called Get Ready for the Code. (GRFC) We did a couple worksheets from it this week, using do-a-dot markers. 

We worked on some beginning sound puzzles with a feelings theme from 2Teaching Mommies:

We did some pre-writing exercises such as tracing lines on faces (also from 2Teaching Mommies) and also from  GRFC. 

We also did some look-see-spell words using scrabble tiles:

We got through the first two and then Jonathan was distracted. :)

We also used our sandpaper letters to trace the letter "F" and "f".  And I've started writing Jonathan a "Morning Message" each morning as part of our calendar time. He has fun trying to find his name in each message. We circle his name each time it appears, although you can't see it from this picture: 

Midweek, we started putting up a "I feel" face each morning using printables from 1+1+1=1. Jonathan's favorite is "I feel Goofy!" 


We counted stars and talked about God's promise to Abraham (printable from Hubbard's Cupboard):

And we colored and counted feelings (from 2Teaching Mommies). Jonathan did a great job with this one:


We practiced glueing and sorting different emotions (happy, sad, angry, scared). Jonathan really only made it through one page before he got bored. I intended to revisit this with him, but we ended up not getting back to it:

We also tried some scissor skills: snipping straws. This did not go too well and only ended up frustrating him:


We attempted Twister this week:

So that's what we've been up to this week! For more Tot School ideas, visit 1+1+1=1


The Princess and the Tot said...

Great ideas! I actually have a "feelings" Tot Tray ready for next week.

I think I need to start doing Calendar Time with Super Tot in the fall. I love your set-up!

Our Country Road said...

Oh wow! I'm impressed at the book selection! And your cart is awesome too! Great unit :).

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