Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reading Our Library- Kate Banks Part Two

Here are a few more books we checked out by Kate Banks. Look HERE to see our other reviews.

Close Your Eyes by Kate Banks

This is a sweet bedtime book with award-winning illustrations by Georg Hallensleben. The story is about a little tiger who does not want to go to sleep. His mother tries to assure him that when he goes to sleep he can enter a whole new dreamworld. The story reminds me a bit of The Runaway Bunny-- the child raises an objection, and the mother answers it in a reassuring fashion. It was a book the children and I enjoyed before naptime. It's a very soothing story with dreamy impressionist-style illustrations.

And If the Moon Could Talk

This is another bedtime story by the collaboration of Banks and Hallensleben. It's a story about all the different nighttime scenes the moon sees from its vantage point in the night sky. Hallensleben's tranquil illustrations alternate between different nighttime scenes and scenes of a little girl getting ready for bed. It shows lizards scurrying home to supper, nomads in the desert, waves on the beach, etc.. It's another calming bedtime story that I think Jonathan and Grace will enjoy more as they get older.


We checked this book out as part of our letter f adventures, but I never made a unit out of this book. (Maybe we'll revisit when we come to x.) Anyways, this story focuses on the life of a baby fox from its birth in the Spring. As the Spring wanes into Summer, the fox is eager to experience life on his own. His parents, however, assure him he is not ready yet-- but he will be soon. As the days pass, the fall comes and the little fox is finally ready for his independence. It's another sweet, simple story with gorgeous illustrations by Hallensleben. Jonathan sat through this one, but it wasn't a frequent request. Still well worth checking out!

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Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I think we've read that book with the Fox on the cover. So sweet!

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