Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kids in the Word: Noah & the Ark

We recently spent a week talking about Noah's Ark. We used resources from Hubbard's Cupboard as well as ABCJesusLovesMe.


We read portions of the story each morning from Jonathan's Bible. This Bible had four different readings, so we basically covered one per day. It holds Jonathan's attention well. We read it each morning over breakfast and he can usually recall the story in the evening when daddy comes home.

Noah and the Ark (Beginner's Bible)

This was another book from the easy reading series that Jonathan just loves. This book is no exception-- Jonathan knows it so well, he can complete each sentence. He likes pointing out the different animals and pretending to rock and bump up and down on the ark.

Two by Two by Barbara Reid

I was delighted to find this one at a library book sale.It's absolutely a delightful book! Reid retells the story basing her words on a traditional song (which was unfamiliar to me). She adds a new rhyme for each number from one through ten. What really makes the book, however, is her three-dimensional illustrations. The pictures (out of clay, perhaps?) are incredibly detailed and even full of humor. You can look and look at the pictures and find animals and scenes that you hadn't seen before. Jonathan liked looking at the pictures and naming the animals. I am so happy to be adding this to our collection!


We played Matching Zoo a lot on my iPhone. It's such a fun (& free) toddler friendly app! It's basically like playing Memory, but the animals make sounds. Jonathan has fun with this game!


We made a rainbow by tearing up different colored tissue paper and sticking it onto contact paper. When we were finished with the rainbow, we put another piece of contact paper on the back. We then hung our rainbow in our playroom window:

Jonathan really likes the story of Noah and enjoyed this lesson very much. I think the lesson will stick with him! It at least has so far. :)

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Our Country Road said...

Great rainbow!! I love how you put this unit together. I'm going to have to get Two by Two, the pictures look great!

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