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g is for goose

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Blue Goose by Nancy Tafuri

This was Jonathan's favorite book that we read. It's about four animals who live at Farmer Gray's gray-colored barnyard. One day when Faremr Gray goes away, Blue Goose, Red Hen, Yellow Chick and White Duck decide to paint the barnyard. They each paint the barnyard their respective colors, mixing their paints along the way to make fun new colors. While there are many books about colors on the market, this is a fun twist on the topic. Jonathan enjoyed this book so much we pulled our paints to do our own painting!

Silly Suzy Goose by Petr Horacek

This is a story about a goose who is just like all the other geese. But Suzy Goose wishes that there was something special about her- something that other animals can do. She wants to be able to stretch like a giraffe, slide like a penguin, or swim under water like a seal. But in the end, she learns that being like everyone else can be a good thing. Jonathan sat through this story easily and laughed at how silly Suzy was. Personally, I have mixed feelings about this book. Sometimes it's okay to be different-- and it's not always good to be like everyone else. I think the best lesson is that it's okay to be you. It's who God made you to be! Another issue is a blatant grammatical error runs through the book. Instead of saying "If I were a penguin", for example, it says "If I was a penguin". So, in summary, although Jonathan enjoyed this book, I would recommend passing it by.

Goose on the Loose (Usborne Phonics Reader) by Phil Roxbee Cox & Stephen Cartwright

This is a phonics book with a silly story about a goose on a scooter. The goose is on the loose-- all of the other animals better watch out! Can they find a way to stop her? This phonics reader has bright illustrations and fold out pages. Jonathan had fun reading this book-- flaps are still a hit with him! I think this is a series we may explore when Jonathan is learning to read.

Goose by Molly Bang

This is the story of a little goose who was adopted by woodchucks at birth. She is loved by her family, but she never feels as though she truly belongs. Her loving family and friends try to teach her everything they think she should know, but she still doesn't feel happy. But then one day, she realizes she can fly! Bang's illustrations tell the story beautifully and show the warmth of family love as well as the loneliness the goose feels until she discovers her true identity. It's a beautiful story that is well illustrated.


Art: We pulled out our red, yellow, white and blue paints and mixed colors just like in the story Blue Goose. Jonathan had a lot of fun making green, purple, orange as well as light blue, pink, etc. He was so proud of his artwork and showed it to daddy several times, telling him "blue and red make purple!" It's still hanging in our family room-- I'll try to take a picture of it when I locate the camera. :)

Field Trip: We went to a local nature preserve with some friends. There is a pond there and we just happened to see some geese! Jonathan was enthralled and told daddy all about it that afternoon.

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