Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kids in the Word: Cain & Abel

We talked about Cain & Abel a couple weeks ago. I wasn't sure how to handle the subject of murder with a 2 year old, so I just said that Cain hurt his little brother because he was angry. Here's what the lesson's objectives were:

Concept: God made it possible for everyone to be His friend. 
Goal: Children will learn that Abel chose to be friends with God and Cain did not. They will learn that they, like Abel, can be God's friends if they ask Jesus to forgive their sin.  (lesson from Xenos Christian Fellowship)

Here's what we did:


We read the story out of Jonathan's Bible, The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes. The story did mention murder, but I just reworded the text to be more age-appropriate. I didn't find any good children's books about this story-- but I'm not surprised. :)

Pretend Play 

I brought out some of our Melissa & Doug pretend vegetables as well as a pretend sheep. We talked about how Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd and pretended to make offerings to God. 


We colored some Cain & Abel coloring pages, especially focusing on the concept of being "brother's keeper". 

Practical Life 

Though the point of the story of Cain and Abel is not to teach on proper sibling relationships, it's still a very applicable application for a toddler. We talked about how Jonathan should be treating Gracie and that God wants us to be kind. 

So that's what we did a couple weeks ago-- still haven't found my camera, so no pictures. Sorry! 

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jess_hak said...

Bummer you can't find your camera soon. Hopefully it will turn up!

I love the pretend play segment. My kids are really into pretend play that is relevant to what they're learning. It is quite humorous to listen in on their little conversations that they have while playing.

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