Wednesday, May 25, 2011

F is for Firetruck/Firefighter: Activities

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Motor Skills 

We practiced stop, drop and roll (camera was out of batteries for that one- but he kind of tried to somersault). 

We climbed a "ladder":

(And threw bean bags between the "rungs")


We used some flashcards that I found at Lawteedah to talk about common fire safety words including  firetruck, helmet, fire extinguisher, ladder, etc.  Jonathan had fun "matching" the pictures to real life objects:


We made a firetruck out of a box. First, I covered the box with white drawing paper and we went outside and painted it red:

The next day, we added wheels, windows, headlights, and ladders using construction paper. Then Jonathan took it for a ride:


We used our beginner pattern blocks to make a fire truck:

We also tried to count firetrucks using another printable-- but this didn't hold his interest.

Just for Fun 

Jonathan's fireman costume included a fire extinguisher which was really a water gun. I let him "spray" the back door and then wipe up the water. He loved this-- I had to eventually  hide the fire extinguisher!

Web Resources: 

Fire Safety Unit Study @ Lawteedah

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Jackie H. said...

Love the ladder!

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