Tuesday, May 3, 2011

e is for earth

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Our Big Home: An Earth Poem by Linda Glasser

This is such a beautiful book! It celebrates the earth that all people and creatures share. The free verse celebrates the water, sun, soil, sky, rain- all the aspects of nature that we often enjoy without thinking about. The illustrations by Elisa Kleven are bright, colorful and full of detail. Jonathan and I just enjoyed the pictures so much. Each time we read the book (yes, he asked for repeated readings), we would find new animals and details to talk about. It was a great platform for talking about God's beautiful creation and how we need to take good care of our home!

Round Like a Ball by Lisa Campbell Ernst

This book is laid out like a riddle or guessing game. The reader is invited to guess what is round like a ball along with a family. Each page gives another rhyming clue and the cut-out pictures get larger and larger until finally the object (the earth) is revealed. The illustrations are very striking. Jonathan had fun with the guessing game saying "nooooo" after each page.

The Earth and I by Frank Asch

This is a book celebrating a little boy's love for the earth his home. He talks about how the he helps the earth and how the earth helps him in return. The boy talks about how pollution makes him sad, but he helps to clean up the earth. Asch's illustrations are very colorful and calming. The book, however, failed to capture Jonathan's attention as much as other Frank Asch books.


We painted a picture of the earth. I gave Jonathan blue construction paper and green paint and let him paint as he desired. Then we cut the paper in the shape of a circle:

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Our Big Home: An Earth Poem
Round Like a Ball
The Earth and I

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