Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pinterest Tuesday: Pins I've Done!

I'm always finding good ideas at Pinterest. Today I thought I'd share some ideas that we've actually done at our house:

First up is edible fingerpaint-- this was a fun project for playing with color mixing. The texture was good sensory play. As far as paint goes, it really didn't hold up as well on paper. But it was fun anyways!

Next up is a yummy Pumpkin Crunch Cake-- now, I didn't personally make this, but we had it at our small group last Sunday. It was delicious!

Then, I did actually make this one for our Friday night homemade pizza. It was fabulous!

And finally, my husband made me this bench which I found on Pinterest. I've wanted one for my mudroom for a long time. We just painted ours and he's going to make a second one. I'm so excited!

Do you have a Pinterest account? Have you found any great ideas there?

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