Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tot School: 13.5 Months

Tot School
Grace is 13.5 Months

Grace and I had some fun doing some purposeful play this week. Jonathan was a little sick at the beginning of the week, so we stayed home for the most part. Here's what Grace was up to this week:


What would a week be without books? Jonathan and I have been learning about rainforests, and Grace has enjoyed a lot of books with us. She especially liked the books Over in the Jungle and Rainforest Animals. The first one corresponds to the tune of "Over in the Meadow" and she would just sway and clap while I sang the book to her. The second book features different rainforest animals along with a four line poem about each one. She just really liked looking at the animals and turning the pages.

We also read the board books of Go Dogs Go! and Olivia. The first one she especially liked (it was a favorite of mine when I was younger as well).

Pretend Play

Grace just loves putting on hats and playing with her rainbow silk. Dress up is fun!


The girl just loves to color-- she always goes over to our coloring table looking for crayons. She's actually pretty good about just coloring on the paper, and not putting crayons in her mouth.

Motor Skills 

Grace still isn't standing on her own very much-- I catch her every once in a while, but she's pretty content to just crawl and cruise right now. And she still loves her walker!

As far as fine motor skills go, she had some fun stacking pegs in our peg board:

And she got a new shapes puzzle. I love this-- it's very simple, but it's perfect for her age and skill level. A lot of peg puzzles are too advanced for her right now. The pieces have to fit just so in most puzzles, but this one is so simple, that with a little manipulation, she learns how to put the pieces in. Plus, it's a chance to talk about shapes and colors!

She's so proud of herself when she gets them in! She claps and grins. Jonathan's been really interested in puzzles lately, and I think she's excited that she can do some too!


Grace has also started imitating us-- whether pretending to blow her nose, talk on the phone, or clean the table. She's starting to like toys that imitate "grown up" toys. Her laptop was a favorite this week: 

So that was Grace's week! Head on over to 1+1+1=1 to find more wonderful things to do with your tot! 

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Debbie said...

I love all the pictures. Grace is so cute! I especially love the one of her with the crayons.

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