Thursday, October 20, 2011

Potty Training Update-- Day Two

This is our singing potty chair.
Warning: It will serenade our house guests at random!

So, we went through 14 pairs of underwear yesterday- I think that may be a record! But by the end of the night Jonathan had started initiating more-- and even got enough stars on his chart to earn a Tow Mater truck I bought at Walmart.

This morning, we only had two accidents and he went potty by himself enough times to earn another Cars toy-- I think its name is Pacer. So things are looking better! Both of the accidents were when he was distracted (a toy or eating lunch), so we'll continue to work on it. At least we've made good progress! I feel exhausted, my house is in shambles, but I'm encouraged nonetheless!


Kristina said...

I found that using the Cloth Training Pants from Gerber worked best. Good Luck!

jess_hak said...

Yay for improvement!!

Anonymous said...

I love the singing potty chair! And Good luck on the training. I plan on doing this in 2 weeks!

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