Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Letter Ll Adventures

We recently covered several themes as we learned about the Letter Ll. For the majority of the lesson, we used Carisa's awesome (free!) Raising Rockstars curriculum. Since Jonathan knows all his letters at this point, I wanted to use the program to help him prepare for writing as well as hiding more of God's Word in his heart...

Here are some highlights of our "L" week

Light- Our memory verse for this week was Let your light shine before men so that they may see your good good works and glorify your father in heaven. We made Popsicle stick props and both Jonathan and Grace had fun waving them around to our song: This Little Light of Mine. I was so excited that even Grace got some of the memory verse down. She would say "shine!" when I would repeat the first half of the verse. We also complemented each other when we would catch our lights "shining" such as by sharing toys.

We did some pre-writing exercises using our Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center-- I love that it saves me the cost of laminating pages!

Jonathan pasted our "L" words to a piece of scrapbook paper:

We learned a rhyme about lemons and made lemon pudding:

For fine motor work, Jonathan practiced opening and closing a lock:

We played The Ladybug Game:

and finger/sponge-painted leaves:

Jonathan loves vehicles of every kind, so we learned about limousines and played with our Hotwheels Limousine .

Long Limousines (Extreme Machines)
Limousines (Roaring Rides) 

We had a lot of fun with our "L" adventures. We did some pages from Go for the Code and Jonathan did quite well with them. He actually surprised me! I knew he had letter recognition and the phonetic sound down, but he did an awesome job with identifying beginning sounds.

Math & Logic 

We did a couple pages from our math and logic workbooks. These ones were super easy for him (counting and color identification), but he enjoyed them a lot and wanted to do more. For a non worksheet kid, that's saying something!

So that summarizes our "Ll" adventures. It took about two weeks for us to complete the unit due to sickness and life. Thanks for visiting!

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Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing!

Collette said...

Popping over from Preschool Corner linkup. Love your L themes! Looks like your family had a lot of fun - and your children are so cute! Have a great weekend! ~Collette

Julie said...

Love your ideas! We're on the letter Hh this week, but will probably be borrowing a few of them next month when we reach Ll.

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